Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection in Parkdale

Our business, 8 Point Building Inspections, recently completed a building, termite & pest inspection for a detached house in Parkdale, VIC. The client was referred to us by their Buyers Advocate and was looking for an inspection to be completed prior to purchase.

When inspecting the exterior of the property our inspector, Drew, used a ladder to access the pergola area where he found a major defect in a rusted structural bracket. The rusting was likely to be caused by peeling paint exposing the metal to weather, with rust common in properties located close to the coast. Drew suggested that the client engage with a tradesperson prior to
exposure to the weather and brackets Major defects were found and the results of the inspection were that the customer was made aware of the property condition and defects and needed to engage an appropriate trade to rectify the issue.

The customer was satisfied with our service and we were able to provide them with the peace of mind they needed when making such a big purchase. If you are in need of a similar service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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