Providing clients with a detailed and thorough inspection, with the highest level of customer service is what we are passionate about and from where the foundation of 8 Point Building Inspections has been built.

  • Qualified Building Inspector
  • Qualified Pest Inspector
  • Qualified Pool Inspector
  • Registered Building Practitioner
  • Mould Sampling & Testing
  • Asbestos Registers & Testing
  • 30+ years of building industry experience

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

Buying a home, investment property or commercial business premises is for most people one of the most expensive purchases of their lifetime. So it makes sense to do your due diligence to ensure that the property is structurally sound before you finalise the purchase.  Our pre-purchase inspections include an inspection of the physical structure of the property to identify major defects, minor defects, serious safety hazards (such as suspected asbestos) and the presence/evidence of pests and timber pests within the property

The inspection is visual and our Inspector will use a variety of tools including a thermal imaging camera, moisture meter, termite donger and spirit level to make their assessments.  The inspection will include all accessible areas of the interior & exterior of the property, including the roofspace & subfloor.

Dilapidation Inspections

A dilapidation inspection is normally carried out by property owners or developers/builders to record the current condition of a property at a given point in time, recording any existing damage.  It can include such things as buildings, roads, footpaths etc and is normally carried out on neighbouring properties before building works are carried out.

The condition of the property is recorded in photographs & video, with the opportunity of drone footage when required/requested

New Construction Inspections

If you are building a new property it is a good idea to have an independent building inspection done at key stages of the process.  These inspections are undertaken to ensure that the building meets the Australian Standards.  We recommend inspections at the following 5 stages:

1. Slab stage

2. Timber frame stage

3. Lock-up or pre-plaster stage

4. Fix’s & waterproofing

5. Handover

New Build Handover Inspections

If you are buying a newly built property our new build handover inspections involve a complete check of the construction of the property to ensure that everything meets the relevant Australian standards and Building code, giving you peace of mind before taking possession of the property. Our Inspectors will thoroughly inspect all areas of the property such as the roof to ensure there are no points where leaks may occur, and internally for the correct installation of waterproof membranes in wet areas, all doors, shelves, cupboards, skinks, tapware etc.  They will also check under the building and in the roof space where accessible and provide a comprehensive report of their findings. 

Asbestos Registers & Testing

All non-residential properties are legally required to have an asbestos register.  An asbestos register is a document which lists all identified, or assumed, asbestos in the workplace and includes information such as its location, condition, likely source and whether it is likely to sustain damage or deterioration due to the activities performed in the workplace.  We have qualified Inspectors who can test & assess the condition of asbestos in your workplace and work with you to maintain your asbestos register and keep it up to date.

Pool Inspections

From December 2019 new laws to improve swimming pool and spa safety came into effect in Victoria.  Pool & spa owners must register it with their relevant council, have their safety barriers inspected and lodge a certificate of compliance with the council.  8 Point Building Inspections has a qualified Pool Inspector who can carry out the safety barrier inspection and provide the relevant compliance certificate.



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