8 Point Building Inspections: The Best Dilapidation Inspections in Windsor, Victoria

8 Point Building Inspections were recently engaged by a builder to conduct dilapidation inspections on properties in Windsor, Victoria, before construction commenced on a new development.

The builder, who we will refer to as Builder A, was referred by another construction company that currently use our dilapidation inspection services. They were looking for a company that could provide them with detailed reports on the condition of the neighboring properties so that they could avoid any potential issues or damage claims as a result of the construction.

We carried out a thorough inspection of the entire property, both inside and outside, using visual and photographic methods. We documented the state of the properties at the time of the inspection and provided Builder A with a detailed report for each.

The builder was very satisfied with our service and found our report to be very helpful in avoiding any potential problems during construction. They will continue to work with 8 Point Building Inspections for dilapidation inspections when they are needed.

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