8 Point Building Inspections: Prompt, Professional Service in Templestowe

Our business, 8 Point Building Inspections, was recently contacted by a client to conduct a pre-purchase building termite and pest inspection on a property they were interested in purchasing in Templestowe, VIC. We dispatched one of our highly trained and experienced inspectors to conduct the inspection the following day.

During the inspection, our inspector used a thermal imaging camera and moisture meter to inspect the interior ceiling & walls of the property. They found a minor defect of a high moisture readings to some walls that warranted further investigation. After a thorough inspection of the property, we were able to identify the source of the leak and along with providing the client with a detailed report of our findings, a list of recommended trades that could be engaged to further investigate the issue.

The client was very satisfied with our prompt and professional service. They appreciated the thoroughness of our inspection and the detailed report that we provided. They were able to make an informed decision when considering purchasing the property.

For all of your pre-purchase inspection needs please contact 8 Point Building Inspections. We will dispatch one of our experienced inspectors to assess the property and provide you with a detailed report of our findings.

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