8 Point Building Inspections: Your Trusted Partner for Pre-Purchase Building Inspections in Reservoir


8 Point Building Inspections, was recently contacted by a potential client who had found us through our Google My Business page. They were interested in our services for a pre-purchase building inspection for a 3 bedroom weatherboard house in Reservoir.

Upon inspection, we found that there were some minor defects with the roof tiles. Some of them were cracked and others had slipped out of place, which if left in this state could likely allow rainwater to leak into the roof space and may lead to damaged structural timber & plaster. We advised the customer of our findings and recommended that they engage an appropriate tradesperson to review the situation and get a quote on rectification works before making a decision to purchase the property.

The customer was happy with our service as they were informed of the defect and aware of what was required to repair it. They decided to go ahead with the purchase of the property with a focus on fixing the defect asap after handover and then using the detailed report we provided them with as a maintenance list of other items which may require attention in the future.


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